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Canadian Forces generals win charity hockey game

By Newell Durnbrooke
It may be billed as a fun charity fundraising hockey game, but for the players involved it is a battle on ice.
In the previous two outings the Esprit …read more

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The West Has to Act Now to Defend Ukraine

Unless Europe and the United States act swiftly, the situation in Ukraine is about to get worse — possibly a lot worse. …read more

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Russian military base reportedly found in Ukraine, detailed in this drone video

A Ukrainian group that backs the government in Kiev on Tuesday published video captured by drone aircraft and said it shows a Russian military encampment in eastern Ukraine, bolstering claims …read more

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The grinding geopolitics of a Grexit

Greece’s economic woes feature daily on the British broadsheets. The high drama negotiations between Greece and Europe have evoked a … …read more

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With court approval, NSA resumes bulk collection of phone data

The National Security Agency on Tuesday restarted its bulk collection of Americans’ phone records for a temporary period, following a federal court ruling this week that gave it the green …read more

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Navalnyj och Jasjin ersätts för olaglig arrest 2011

Ilja Jasjin.

Gripandet av Aleksej Navalnyj och Ilja Jasjin i december 2011 kostar nu den ryska staten 52 000 euro. Detta efter att Europadomstolen tvingat den att kompensera de två oppositionspolitikerna.
Det …read more

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Åter till Srebrenica.

HAAG: I två dagar har vi nu suttit ett 40-tal personer och dokument för dokument, närmast dag för dag, gått igenom utvecklingen fram till tragedin och folkmordet i Srebrenica i …read more

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Canadian military Ebola mission now finished

The federal government says a six-month mission that sent Canadian Armed Forces medical personnel to West Africa to help with the Ebola crisis is over, writes the Canadian Press.
Here is …read more

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Fighting Isis: beyond the rhetoric

Deploy UK forces, including drones, to Syria, says top UK intelligence analystArmy has new role countering propagandaThere is a saying, said to be first coined by the former Tory foreign …read more

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Mi i TT-artikel (DN, SvD, DI m.fl) om dödsfall/mord inom Ukrainas opposition (4/5)

Jag intervjuades av TT i maj om den våg av dödsfall/mord som ägt rum inom Ukrainas opposition.
Artikeln skrevs av TT, och publicerades av DN, SvD, DI, GP, Metro, Aftonbladet …read more

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