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The Iraqi fight to take back Ramadi is underway. How long will it take?

Wresting control of the provincial capital of Anbar province back from the Islamic State won’t be easy. …read more

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NATO Commander Concerned About Russia's Belligerency and Repeated Talk of Using Nuclear Weapons

Excerpts from PBS interview with NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Gen. Philip Breedlove by Gwen Ifill, July 29, 2015. …read more

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NATO Greenlights New Defense Training Program for Iraq

NATO Allies have just agreed on a defence capacity building package for Iraq. It will help strengthen the country’s security and defence sector by providing support in areas where NATO …read more

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Africa in the news: Buhari meets Cameroon’s president, South African unemployment rate falls, and Obama travels to Africa

Nigeria steps up efforts to fight Boko Haram and corruption

On Wednesday, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari met with his Cameroonian counterpart President Paul Biya in Yaoundé to discuss collaborative efforts to …read more

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In historic announcement, Marine Corps declares controversial F-35 ready for combat

The announcement comes 14 years after the Pentagon launched the controversial fighter jet program, the most expensive in the Defense Department’s history. …read more

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CBRN exercise involving 9 NATO nations wraps up in Suffield

A contingent representing over 300 personnel from nine NATO nations today concluded Exercise Precise Response at Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) – Suffield Research Centre, in Suffield, Alberta, according …read more

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Canadian Forces reservist earns top honour at shooting competition in United Kingdom

Sergeant Tatyana Danylyshyn, from The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s), in Victoria, B.C., earned the top shot honour at the annual Bisley shooting competition held in Bisley, United Kingdom, from …read more

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Canadian Forces tactical radar deal with Thales fails – RCAF trying to figure out next steps

The RCAF and federal government aren’t sure how to proceed with replacing the air force’s TPS-70 tactical radars. The radars were bought in 1990 and delivered the next year. They …read more

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U.S. intelligence officials to take part in review of Clinton e-mails

Spy agencies had raised concerns that potentially classified material was contained in the messages. …read more

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Two women pass Mountain Phase at Ranger School, now one step short of graduation

Only the swamps of Florida stand between two female soldiers becoming the first women to ever graduate from the Army’s famously difficult Ranger School. …read more

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